Founded in 1995, Loung Fu is a professional and reliable manufacturer in Indoor and Outdoor Road Convex Mirror. We've good experiences exporting to North East Asia, Middle East and Europe. To our numerous acquisitions, we continue to service Domestic and Worldwide demands. We provide in-house R&D, in both ODM and OEM manufacturing. Our products’ range of Mirrors, includes, Round at 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and Rectangular at 60x80cm. With special feature in resistance to wind, rain, sun reflector. Our products are very useful for erecting at road corner, fork, T-juntion, mountain road bend, and parking doorway. We are confident in our Quality, Delivery and Services.

1. Stainless Steel Road Convex Mirror
Our mirrors are made out of SuS304 stainless steel under professional finishing in our standard production process. Durable, degenerate with special fine stainless steel , specular gloss clear, all things in distance clearly visible , helpful for improving safety of road.

2. P.C. Road Convex Mirror
Poly Carbonate, a special material for making spacecraft. After plating, the high flexible and impact resistant is not easily deformed. All Road Mirrors are assembled with galvanized, stainless steel back sheets, with waterproof and sunscreen. In options for floor standing steel poles, or L-shapped steel wall nail.